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X-Wing and TIE Fighter Engagement Rings - Paul Michael Design

Okay I kind of really want these.

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Feminist Dragons

Inspired by X


Yeeeees it’s happening!

I love how the Internet can take a weird idea, proclaim that it’s unassailably true, and then rapidly actualize that truth.

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Fashion Finds for the Trendy Geek — Captain Marvel

What can we say — if she wears the star, our hearts are set. Nothing gets us going like a face turned toward the stars and a thirst for more, and the lady legacy of all Captains Marvel will always take us there. Nothing says superheroic cosmic style like colourblocking and particular gold accents, and we’re happy to do a bit of both.

Star Ring  +  “Higher Faster Further More” Tee  +  Wide Cuff

Boatneck Sweater  +  Kate Spade Dress  +  Open Star Necklace

Rosalyn Boot  +  Bomber Jacket   +  Blue Galaxy Leggings

—- always wears the star in our hearts

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what even was this film about

Shrubberies, curtains, French knights, and swallows.

And vorpal bunnies.

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