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This speaks to me on so many levels. 

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When life gives you a wild ride, how do you knuckle down and focus? Help me out, tumblr. 

So sometime between this time yesterday and now we were offered to option to rent-to-own my mom’s house and we went for it. 

The impulse buy to end all impulse buys, y’all. 

We are probably quite thoroughly mad. But that doesn’t mean we’re wrong.

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Maybe everybody else knows this, but what is the difference between the pager and the email?

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Sometimes, I really wonder with these questions if the Supremes are just trolling the lawyers. 

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"im a woman and im not offended?!??!!"

after years of searching without success, i have found her. the one. behold: the spokesperson of the entire female population. bask in the glow of her internalized misogyny. bask, my friends.

Sure can join the ranks of all the teachers and principles who think my daughter is too outspoken.

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Captain America saved the world twice now and all it cost him was two Bucks


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